Is the iPad Pro good for artists ?

The iPad Pro has taken the art work by storm. Every artist from illustrators to tattooists got one but I’m sure a lot of people are still wondering if they are worth the hype. Possibly even you that might be why you are here now reading my review.

To clarify before I start I am in no way shape or form a digital artist and I probably never will be. I struggle so much with this technological witchcraft.
I have previously bought a laptop and Wacom tablet and spent so much time trying to learn how to do it and I still just can not seem to click with it.
That was until I found the iPad Pro and now I would honestly say I don’t know how I worked without it. I’m even using it now to write this post, and I must stay as a tattooist it has helped me so so much when having consultations with clients, designing , editing photos, planning and scheduling.

I could go on and on about how much love I have for this tablet but it would be much easier if I just broke it down into pros and cons. To give you a quick idea on what I think works and what doesn’t from a tattooists perspective.

Before we start I do want to say this is NOT a sponsored post I paid full price for everything mentioned here and its all my honest personal opinion.


  • Convenient- The iPad fits in my tiny little backpack so gone are the days of carrying 5000 pencils,rubbers,sharpeners,small sacrifice to the art gods, paper and paint because its all on this tiny electronic sketchbook
  • Size – I chose the 9.7 because It’s about the same sort of size as the sketchbooks I like and have found it to be a more then perfect size
  • Speed – It’s a lot faster to draw on. Mostly because its easy to correct mistakes by simply moving lines around ext rather then having to redraw a whole section. And doing things that are symmetrical and stuff like patterns is just a simple copy and paste away
  • Mistakes – Its easy to rub away and restart without angry paper destruction
  • Pen – I feel like this makes it feel slightly closer to traditional art mediums as I could never wrap my head around digital painting before, I just cant seem to draw on a pad but have the lines appear on a screen.
  • Intelligent – Some of the drawing apps have so much detail and so much is possible with them.
  • Doesn’t crash – I don’t speak for every iPad here but I use mine practically all day and its never crashed on me where as my laptop has crashed on me before and its nothing short of soul crushing
  • Easy – As someone that knows about 0.02% of digital drawing I learn to work on this in minutes.
  • Connects with iPhone – I know this ones a tiny thing but I’m not tech smart and use my phone for a good chunk of my job so it makes like 100 times easier when I can seamlessly switch from phone to tablet so things like updating appointments and to do list on both devices in one hit.
  • Camera – I don’t use the camera all that much but I am so impressed by the 12mp back camera and 5mp on the front. Making a mental note to use it more.
  • Pages – Now this might not be useful for everyone but I love this app because it cuts out quite a bit of work for me. It has templates for things like invoices and letters so yeah just a little bonus that has proven quite useful


I’m gonna be honest this actually took me a little while to think of because I genuinely couldn’t think of much that I don’t like about this tablet

  • Nothing compares – As much as i do love this pad and I do a lot of flash work on it, it never will compare to actually paper and pen. The iPad is wonderful but I am still very much loyal to my pencils and paint
  • Price – Everyone knows that apple products are expensive. And this pad is no exception at about £600 I think plus the £100 pen (most expensive pen I’ve ever had). But you do get your money’s worth with this honestly this tablet has well paid for its self in tattoos I’ve designed on it. Where as my laptop cost about £350 nearly earned me a noise complaint from shouting at it.
  • Accessories – This ties in with that price thing. Once you have the tablet its pretty useless to a artist without the pen which is £100 and from all the drawing apps I’ve played with the good ones genuinely cost money (about £5) but like i said before i do feel its worth the money
    Disclaimer : There might be a amazing free one out there iv just personally not found a free one that can do everything I want just yet.

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