About Me

Hello, I’m Charlie Leigh I’m a 22 year old girl born and raised in London. I’m a tattooist working in the sunny city of ….you guessed it London. When I’m not at work I’m either doodling at home or doing some sort of project.
Horror is a real love of mine in any form movies, books, creepypasta. I think I’ve seen pretty much every horror movie on Netflix and horror audio books are truly the backing track to my life.
I created this little blog to share my personal experiences as a artist and a tattooist and hope that it can be a help to anyone trying to learn and develop there art and or tattooing skills as I know when I was a apprentice I didn’t find as much info and help as I would of liked.
So I hope you stick around and have a little read and feel free to send me a message about things you like or would like to see more of.